MČR v rogainingu 2020

20.–21. června 2020


29. 6. 2020

7 days for result review has been over, the results are official now.
We have published some event photos in the photogallery.

24. 6. 2020

JPG of the event map for download is available (150 DPI, 2.4 MB).

21. 6. 2020

The event is over, results and splits are available on the web.
On the Play-Map website you can upload your event routes (GPS logs) or draw your route manually:

14. 6. 2020

Today at midnight the 1st registration phase will be terminated and tomorrow we are going to order printing of event maps with minimal number of reserve copies. As we haven´t received any foreign entry so far, we probably won´t translate Final Bulletin and event descriptions into English. But there are still few hours remaining…

10. 6. 2020

The event map is ready to print, we have also prepared diplomas for winners.

7. 6. 2020

We have marked all check points this weekend, have a look at several photos in photogallery.

1. 6. 2020

The major part of the fieldwork has been accomplished this weekend, now it is time to release the bulletin and start entry system.

21. 5. 2020

Despite the COVID epidemic we are trying to organize the Czech Rogaining Championships 2020. The event will be little constrained in order to maximaze safety of all event participants. E.g. we are not able to run Hash House etc.

The complete list of safety measures and event bulletin will be revealed soon. Entry system should be available 1. 6. 2020. The final decision about event holding or cancelation will be announced no later than 14. 6. 2020.